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40th Anniversary April 28, 2018

My ordination stole on Saint Padre Pio statue at

San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy

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Father Gagnier's 30th Anniversary 2008 European Pilgrimage

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Father Gagnier's 35th Anniversary 2013 Pilgrimage to Italy and Vatican City


Gagnier & Gagne Road Signs


Welcome to my site about

the Gagnier (Gagne) family in North America.

This is also the official English language site of our organization,
The Association of Gagne-Bellavance Families in America.
Below there is a link to 118 known spellings of this name.

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called "Illustrated History of the Family."

This will take you to the result of years of research:
seven brief sections of photos and stories of our history,
our heraldry and our historical sites in France and Quebec.

You will find much to see and learn about the exciting history
of our ancestors who came to North America beginning in 1644!
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for the guestbook and links to other Gagne sites.

There is also information about membership and our annual meeting.

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They could be about marriages, anniversaries, awards

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You could tell how your ancestors settled

where you are now and what was their way of life then.


Your articles will be published in the Bulletin in English with the French translation following.

 You can send your articles by postal mail at the Association’s address or by e-mail at:

The Bulletin is published in March, June, September and December of each year.

The deadline to submit an article is one month before the next month of publication.

If it cannot be published in the next month of publication, it will be on the next one.

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This site contains everything I know about our family history.
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Thank you!


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Association of Gagne-Bellavance Families in America

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